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Are you tired of...

  • Attempting to refinance but not being offered the lowest interest rates?
  • Frustrated that you can’t seem to increase your credit score into the 800 range?
  • Confused about what exactly you need to do to increase your credit score RIGHT NOW?
  • Disheartened that the harder you work you can’t seem to save enough or get the best lending terms?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then keep reading.

We are the nation’s No.1 firm for credit repair and restoration. Our track record speaks for itself. Our methods are tried, true, and have worked for 100’s of clients around the nation and will help you repair, build, and restore your score. We do the heavy lifting for you.

You can relax knowing you’re covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

You are a click away from
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right now!

> Life happens. And sometimes that means circumstances such as divorce, illness, or job loss that can cause good people to end up with bad credit.

> Your credit score can keep you from buying a home, getting a decent car loan without ridiculous interest and even sometimes your dream job.

> But you can change all of that with the right tools & information; our system can help you with that starting TODAY.


You can relax knowing you’re covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

So, how does it work?

That’s the easy part…


  • Are you trying to qualify for a LOW interest rate?
  • Are you trying to land your dream job?
  • Are you trying to buy your first house?
  • Are you trying to take steps to become financially secure?
  • Where you ever a victim of identity theft or credit fraud?
  • Struggled to correct or remove inaccurate items from your report?
  • Are you just tired of having a low or poor credit score

Once enrolled, you will receive a Welcome Email with your Username and Password directing you to your online portal.


After you enroll, our team will walk you through the verification process with the credit bureaus. This key step activates the Credit Restoration process with the 3 credit bureaus.


Log into your FES Protection Plan portal and confirm your complimentary LifeLock subscription and complete the MyCare Will & Trust setup.

You can relax knowing you’re covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

So, What's The Big Deal With Repairing My Credit?


What you get with Tier 1’s Credit Specialist Solutions are proven, ethical, and effective tools and insider information that you can put in effect TODAY and increase your score in as little as 5 weeks

As your Protection Plan credit restoration provider we work closely with you to make credit freedom happen and we guide you every step of the way.

This is not about high-interest loans that take even more of your hard earned money.

This is not about paying for a fake credit report.

This is not about using a “fixer” to dispute your credit report, making matters worse. 

We’ve worked on the inside of the financial industry and have decades of collective experience about how the credit bureaus are designed not to work in your best interest. After countless requests from my people like you we decided to team up with FES to deliver a low cost and comprehensive credit restoration program for all US citizens. This program will deliver MASSIVE results saving you time, money and stress.

You can relax knowing you’re covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Helping families for years,
we understand your daily challenges,
deepest fears & financial aspirations

 Tabitha Sanchez

 South Florida

My family has been trying to refinance our home for a few years now. We finally enrolled with Tier 1 and we were able to successfully refinance in November 2016.

 Connor Williams


Tier 1’s Credit Specialist plans put me and my family on a path toward prosperity. My son is in college and he is able to build it by paying monthly rent!

Here are the facts about the
3 credit bureaus & how they
DO NOT work for your best interest...

Your overall credit score from Fair Isaac, the company behind your FICO score, is determined using a number of factors including information from the 3 credit reporting bureaus are Experian, Trans Union, and Equifax. However, when the information on your credit report is inaccurate – the bureaus do not proactively correct the information. You see;

  • Inaccurate information on credit reports, especially if it is negative information, can derail consumers from being able to gain access to credit and even lead to other setbacks like not being able to rent an apartment or get a job.
  • The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau earlier this month released a report citing problems it found while examining credit bureaus and changes it is requiring. Issues the agency cited included improving standards for public-records data by using better identity-matching criteria and updating records more frequently.
  • 1 in 5 consumers has an error in at least one of their 3 major credit reports according to a 2013 Federal Trade Commission study mandated by Congress.

Frankly, you should not leave it up to the credit bureaus alone to remove inaccurate items and correct your report. The secret is, you NEED a professional team that is experienced and that will deliver high-quality results.

You can relax knowing you’re covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!



You'll be amazed at how quick & easy it is to
take charge of your financial wellbeing
with the Protection Plan tools;

 There are No Contracts on our plans and you have the freedom to terminate the service at your discretion. You’ll immediately get access to 10 wealth-building add-ons that you can tweak to your own liking & apply within just minutes. 

  • Credit Restoration

  • Credit Builder 

  • Credit Attorney 

  • Smart Credit Plan 

  • MyCare Plan 

  • LifeLock 

  • Financial Lockbox 

  • Life Insurance 

  • FES Debt Zero 

  • FYL Family Mint

You can relax knowing you’re covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

And, when you get started
you'll also get
bonuses worth $800!

Imagine what you could achieve for yourself and your family within the next 45 days with all of these bonus wealth resources & financial strategies right at your fingertips.

BONUS 1: Financial Lockbox

Your Interactive Virtual Safety Deposit Box. If you’re like most families, one person is generally designated to handle the financial aspects of the household. Or, if you’re single, you may be the only person who knows the type and location of your financial accounts.

My Financial Lockbox is a bank-level encryption online solution that enables you to store your data in a single, secure, password-protected location for easy access by you or loved ones that you select and authorize. Restore your records easily in case of fire, earthquake or flooding.

BONUS 2: Rx & Discount Shopping Cards

The Prescription Discount Card includes valuable discounts on important products and services that may not be covered by all insurance plans, such as:

  • PET Scans, MRAs

  • Blood Tests

  • Hearing Aids

  • Appetite Suppressants

  • Cosmetic Drugs

  • And More

You can relax knowing you’re covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Here's what people from all
walks of life are saying...

  Brooke J.

 Orlando, FL

  “Brilliant Program. We didn’t want to get into any more expensive long-term contracts. I was desperate to get some financial help after hospital bills and judgements were piling up. Not only a time and money saver, but you guys helped me increase my credit score the right way. Thank you!”



  “My wife and I love the Protection Plan. I’ve been on your plan now for 8 months and my family has benefitted now with a near “Excellent” official credit score. We also benefit with LifeLock credit monitoring.”

You're even covered by
a 100% Satisfaction

You can put your mind at ease knowing that the the Credit Restoration Protection Plan is covered by our Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. The majority of our clients achieve positive credit improvement so basically you have nothing to lose but your less than perfect credit.

After a long track record of knowing how to produce the best results for our clients, we always recommend each client to be in the plan for a minimum of 45-90 days.

If after that you feel that you have not had any positive movement and you are not satisfied with the service then the Money Back Guarantee will kick in – that’s how confident we are that this will be the best investment you ever make towards your personal financial well being!

You can relax knowing you’re covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

Valued at $800, get started
immediately & start your credit
repair process for
less than $90

 So, what’s Credit Repair Protection Plan worth? 

 It’s hard to put a value on something that improves your credit score so much and provides TONS of wealth-building value for your and your family’s future.

We want to be fair about it and make this service available to as many people as possible.

So the price is kept. Very low.

In fact, the Protection Plan is normally $799.

I know. It’s ridiculously cheap for a product that guarantees you a dramatic boost in your credit score. You’ll make far more from the interest rate savings, job opportunities, and piece of mind.

So don’t wait. Don’t let a bad credit score hold you down any longer. Claim your Credit Restoration Protection Plan today before the price goes up.

You can relax knowing you’re covered by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!